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IndestructoTank! IndestructoTank!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good game.

Very good game. I enjoyed it. One thing I think would make it better would be if the tank didn't explode in midair - either that or you didn't have to wait until you hit the ground to get exp. I say this because I would often have gotten enough exp to level up, but I would run out of fuel before I could reach the ground and deposit it.

Still, great game. Looking forward to the sequel.

Battle with the flower Battle with the flower

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Mediocre at best. The two attacks are too similar, you need to make one more powerful than the other, but also make it harder to pull off. Plus, the enemy has no animation when it's hit, so half the time you can't tell if you're even damaging them. Also, when they die, it just goes straight to the next screen with no death animation. Lastly, there's only one thing to do - fight a few battles with the flower dude. You could at least give us more characters, perhaps ones that are unlocked by beating Arcade Mode.

Bazark responds:

Bla Bla Bla.....your " metal box" its a crap! XDDDDDDDDD

Turbo Heavy Metal Spirit Turbo Heavy Metal Spirit

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Absolutely atrocious.

To start, playing with the keyboard is impossible. And I can almost say that literally. Simply put, the bike does not turn nearly as sharply as it should when using the keyboard. No matter how perfectly you do everything, you _will_ hit the outside wall of the turn. Also, your bike doesn't go anywhere near as fast as your opponents - I was hard pressed to even get into 5th place! And you start at 6th!

Playing with the mouse is a little better, but still not great. The turning is improved, but it still isn't sharp enough for some of the tighter turns. You do go faster with the mouse, but not fast enough to get into 1st, from what I can tell. All in all, the controls need major tweaking.

The graphics are also terrible. I mean, the 3D effects were nice, but those horrible 2D backdrops absolutely killed it for me. The game would have honestly looked a lot better without them.

Lastly, the depth was seriously lacking. You can either do a race or do a race with a different control scheme. Either way, the game tells you your time and place at the end, and then you're done. No unlocking, no story, no further levels, just one race and you're done.

Needs some serious rethinking.

Bloons Tower Defense Bloons Tower Defense

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A nice surprise.

Usually I hate tower defense games - they're too uninteractive and repetitive for me. But this one I really enjoyed! I was able to beat it on my second try, with two bomb towers, a few dart towers, one Super Monkey, and a Jesusload of tack towers.

I felt that the bomb towers were a little underpowered - the explosion wasn't very big, even with the upgrade, and the only good part was the gargantuan range. Of course, that's useless if the attack isn't any good.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed this game very much, and am looking forward to your future submissions. A Bloons Tower Defense 2 would be great!

Super Smash Flash Super Smash Flash

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Excellent attempt, miserable failure.

On the outside, this game is extremely professional. The graphics are wonderful, the menu is fluid, the music is excellent, and the game seems to stay true to the game it was based on. I was really impressed when I first opened the game.

However, the gameplay was terrible, I'm afraid. The collision detection was sporadic and the controls were difficult and awkward. The physics just felt all over the place. A lot of the time you would be damaged when you shouldn't have been - for instance, Samus' machine gun attack is counted as a part of her, so if the bullets are hit with an attack, you take damage. Some characters were insanely overpowered, while others were pitiful. You can practically guarantee a win by playing with Samus and spamming her machine gun, preventing the enemy from recovering. Also, Kirby/Meta Knight's transformation should not have been the neutral attack, as it was far too easy to accidentally trigger it. I suggest a directional attack, instead.

You obviously put a lot of effort into this game, and I applaud you for that. However, the gameplay needs a lot of work. If you're making a sequel (Which I hope you are), try to make a more realistic physics engine and better collision detection. Also, screw over the non-video game characters. It's a Super Smash Bros. game, not the Ultimate Showdown.